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Fortune 500 companies:

In order to join Instant Payday Network, you need to join Express MyCashFreebies and Double MyCashFreebies. These are websites where you can sign up for various CPA offers from fortune 500 companies.

Examples of CPA offers -

    Sign up to get approved for a credit card.
    Create a free trial at freecreditreport.com, (or various other credit score companies).
    Create a free trial at a place like Netflix or Gamefly.
    Sign up for a magazine subscription.

These aren’t static offers and can change daily, weekly or monthly. Some of these only require you complete the free trial offers, but you still need to enter you credit card information for 99.9% of the offers.

Upon joining each of these CPA offer sites, you will be given a referral code. You can use this within “Step 3″ of the IPDN system to access it for free. He provides you with a capture page, free email marketing campaign and teaches you marketing strategies to send you capture page around the internet to attempt to have others sign up. He calls this a “turnkey” system that will create you a steady income online if you put in the work. However in order to get credited for referrals and start making money you’ll need to complete CPA offers, and you referrals much complete the offers in order for you to get credit for them.

Each one of these CPA offers within MyCashFreebies and Double MyCashFreebies is worth a certian amount of credit, anywhere for 1/10 to 1 full credit. You need to complete 2 full credits at each company to be approved for Instant Payday Network. This would be signing up for a minimum of 4 offers – assuming you did 1 credit offers – but those usually are ones that require paying more money, so if you wanted to attempt the free trials you may be looking at completing closer to around 10 offers (maybe even more).

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